baby acne

Baby Acne Causes, Remedies, and Treatments

baby acne

Baby Acne Causes:

Have you noticed reddish blotches or tiny white or reddish bumps all over your newborn’s face? Even though it looks worrisome, it will go away eventually. Baby acne forms on infants from the time they are born until about 7 months old. Many doctors believe this skin condition comes from the mother’s hormones functioning in their baby’s body, which causes the glands to clog and acne to appear on their face. Interestingly enough, boys are said to be more likely to acquire baby acne than girls. These reddish or white bumps are referred to as milia, and can appear at birth in some cases, but most parents see it appear around four weeks after their baby is born. Many parents start to worry once they start to see red blotches all over their newborns face and want to know how to treat it, but this is a normal occurrence that shouldn’t be fretted over.

Baby Acne Remedy:

  1. Since baby acne appears because of clogged and oily skin, make sure to wash your babies face with a mild-non-drying soap and keep it clean at all times. If your baby is having an outbreak, keep the skin completely dry. You can try to use a cotton ball and plain water if everything else ends up irritating the skin. A lot of parents try to stick with using only natural lines such as Honest Company, California Baby and Burt’s Bee’s.
  2. Try to not use any lotions that have any fragrance in them or any lotions that could cause pores to clog. Unless your infant has severely dry skin, only using a moisturizing wash until the acne is gone. Apply lotion to anywhere acne doesn’t appear on the body.
  3. Keep your baby’s face dry whenever spit-up or drools occurs during a feeding. Moisture around their mouth can make the baby acne worse. Keep a bib on your baby so that you can quickly wipe up their face if they do in fact spit-up or drool.
  4. Keep mittens on your little one so they won’t be able to scratch their face and make the acne worse. If pimples get popped by nails, they could become infected and need serious attention.
  5. Some parents believe that using talc-free baby powder Use a cotton ball and gently wipe baby powder across your infants face to see if the acne clears up.
  6. For mothers who breastfeed, consider changing your diet. Many parents that ingest a ton of fruit notice that the acne get worse.


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