Baby Accused Of Being Aggresive By Day Care

DayCare Note

A Grand Rapids, Michigan mother recently received the note of all notes from her Day Care provider her with a note accusing her 9 month old daughter of “playing roughly and aggressively with other babies…“. The note continued on discussing how they explained to her daughter it was not appropriate behavior to hurt the other babies. However, her daughter just smiled during the explanation, and then continued with the behavior. The writer even goes as far as making it sound like the child enjoys hurting the other children.

To be fair, I think all parents joke around about how children can be tiny terrors; and in truth, their deeds be unpleasant at times. However, children are growing and learning how to do things. So it is naturally expected to come across many of these situations.

Unfortunately, the writer of the note (and in my opinion, the daycare as well) should understand a nine month old has no intentions of purposefully hurting other children. The best way to handle the situation should have been to express to the child not to hurt the other kids and then they should have distracted her with something else. For instance, Try telling her “We do not hurt other babies, and maybe we should have some alone playtime for now. How about we play with the blocks instead?”

As for the smiling, any parent knows a child will smile just for being talked to at 9 months. Kids love attention, especially when they are learning something. Often times, the excitement of learning something can overcome the ability to realize their behavior is unacceptable. Most importantly though, I expect the people who are watching my child to understand how to handle any type of behavior my child may dish out. Extreme behavior can be understandable, but if a child provider cannot handle a 9 month old baby, I certainly would not put my confidence in them.

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