Avoiding House Guests After A Recent Birth

Reasons to Avoid Houseguests

Once you give birth to your baby, it seems like everyone wants to stop by. Unfortunately, not everyone is a big help with newborns. As a new parent, guests can either be helpful or stressful. Despite whether or not they would like a little space, new parents tend to give in to family and friends visitation demands. Prior to delivery, setup some clear guidelines for those who may want to visit. There are plenty of reasons to avoid having houseguests after giving birth, and guests don’t always think about them.

Newborns are different than older babies.

They sleep, eat, poop, and that’s about it. Newborns are not very interactive and are unable to do many of the things guests want or expect your child to do.

Newborns constantly need to be fed.

Although this may not sound like a big issue, it can be. This is especially true for breastfeeding mothers. New mothers may just be learning how to feed their, while some moms can be insecure about others watching them feed their baby. Either way, mothers are not typically looking for an audience during feeding time.

Guests can be stressful.

Whether your guests are friends or family, no matter how many times someone says you don’t have to play hostess, you feel you have to. Most people want a clean house, plenty of food and drinks, etc. prior to having visitors. Time for all these extra tasks can be hard to find, especially for new parents. Not to mention, the plethora of unwanted advice you may hear from others while they are visiting.

Mommy is healing.

After giving birth, many people only consider the baby. However, whether you have a natural or cesarean birth, a mother will need to heal. Postpartum varies on difficulty depending upon the birth, the mom, and a variety of other factors. Muscles can be sore, breasts can be tender, hormones are still raging, and the list goes on and on.

You have enough transitions to make.

From helping your newborn adjust to life outside the womb, to figuring out how to alter your schedule to meet all your additional requirements for the day, you already have enough things to think about. Accommodating others doesn’t need to be added to the list. If you want guests, you invite them.

Remember, you have to have time to adjust too. Don’t let others dictate your actions. If you’re not up for having houseguests, say so. When babies are born, life as we know it changes. Whether you allow 10 minute cram sessions or long term visitations, make sure to take the time to decide how you want your visitations to go after your child is born.

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