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April Fool’s Day Jokes That Are Family Friendly

april fool's

April Fool’s Day Jokes That Are Family Friendly

March is almost over, you know what that means! April Fool’s Day jokes. The day is famously known for outrageous news stories, fake injuries and lots of scares.  Though with the introduction of the internet, some April Fool’s jokes can go a little too far with screamers and other things that could trigger harmful reactions.  It’s important that your kids know that April Fool’s is a fun holiday and should remain as so.  Here are some ideas for some family-friendly April Fool’s day jokes.

  1. Frozen Cereal. This is an easy one, simply pour your child’s favorite Breakfast cereal and milk the night before and place it in the freezer. Come morning your sleepy child will be shocked when their spoon hits the frozen meal.
  2. Jell-O Beverage. This requires making Jell-O before-hand. Pour the Jell-O into a clear cup and place a straw in it. Allow the Jell-O to cool and serve it as a juice. It doubles as a trick and a fun snack.
  3. Lunch Time. Throw a few plastic spiders or awkward foods in their lunch bag.
  4. Green Teeth. Put a few drops of food coloring on everyone’s tooth brush. Then place a few drops on the inside of the faucet. This will be a colorful surprise.
  5. Gross Oreos. Take out that delicious stuffing. Spread some tooth paste onto the cookies. Put them back together.
  6. No Internet. Disconnect the internet and pretend it is permanently gone.
  7. Place a “For Sale” sign outside. Use an undesirable location to them as the destination of where you will be moving to.
  8. Tell them you’ll be increasing their weekly allowance by $30.
  9. Phone call from School. Pretend the Principal called and they need to immediately go to the Principal’s office when they get to school.
  10. The Worst. Tell them school is canceled for the day. Let them jump up and down with joy, then tell them to get ready for school.


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