alternatives to college

Alternatives To College For Any High School Graduate

Alternatives To College For Any High School Graduate

alternatives to college

Education is critical; college is not. While college is great for most students, alternatives to college are available for those who choose not to. There are many other options, such as healthcare, technology, building trades, operations, and transportation, that don’t require a four-year degree. Or better yet, put on the breaks and think about options of pursuing a college education later in life.

Here are some alternatives a high school student can think of before they graduate:

Community College or Vocational School

This is a great route if you’re looking to save money, and and one of the great alternatives to college. Classes are cheaper and the admissions process in much easier, especially if you want to work and go to school. Many community colleges have agreements with four-year colleges, which makes it easier to transfer credits. A student can take a few classes, or attend full time, obtaining an associates degree in two years.

Be A Volunteer

While you’re trying to find your way in the world, there’s nothing better than making a difference in someone else’s life. Look locally in the community to see if their is any chance of volunteering at a local humane society, assisted living homes, or any place that might be in need of volunteers. There are many national programs in the country, one being Americorps, and they offer 17-24 year-olds a chance to make a difference through a national network of programs.

Learn A Specific Trade

High school graduates can learn a specific trade by working for a company, specializing in what their interested in. Apprenticeships are a good way for young grads to get a foot in the door. If you’re interested in a specific trade, such as construction, seek jobs that will not only give you valuable experience, but will guide you toward other certifications or licenses needed for success.

Travel Around The World

It’s completely normal to have the need to explore another country or city right after graduating. Traveling to one or more countries gives many a chance to find themselves, and experience a whole new way of life and culture. If money is an issue, look into foreign exchange programs or even jobs as an au pair for a family in another country.









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