7 Helpful Tips For Being A Chaperone

Field Trip

It could be for a school field trip to the zoo, a group play date, or a choir contest out of town; at some point, every parent is asked if they could be a chaperone. It can be difficult to be a chaperone, especially if you haven’t ever volunteered before. After chaperoning a few events myself, I have composed a list of 7 helpful chaperone tips to help survive the big day.

  1. Hi, My Name Is… Make sure everyone you are watching over knows your name.
  2. Be Prepared! Learn the names and faces of everyone who will be in your group. If one is not provided, make sure to create a list of everyone’s names for in case of emergencies.
  3. Keep Everyone Together. Never let anyone in your group wander off on their own.
  4. Act Interested. It’s amazing how much influence we have over kids as an adult. If you pay attention and appear to be interested in what is going on, kids are more likely to be engaged as well.
  5. Be a Role Model. Be on time, follow any directions given, and always make sure to model good behavior when in front of those you will be looking after.
  6. Talk to Your Child. Never volunteer to be a chaperone without talking to your child first you’re your child is young, explain to them what it is and why parents are needed. Ask them their thoughts and let them voice their opinion. As the parent, we may make the final decision, but it’s constructive to hear what they have to say on the matter.
  7. Dress for Action. Think about where you are going, what you will be doing, etc. If there is a chance it could be cold make sure to bring a lightweight sweatshirt or jacket; and ALWAYS wear comfortable shoes!

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