6 Essentials For The First Six Weeks


What does a new mother need in the first few weeks after they bring baby home? Here is a list of essentials for the first six weeks with baby:

For Mom
Nursing Bras (2-4): Buying 100% cotton bras will be most comfortable.
Nursing Pads: Pick between disposable or washable styles.
Maxi-Pads & Panty liners: You’ll want to buy both panty liners and ultra-absorbent maxi-pads.


For Comfort
Swaddling Blankets: It’s recommended to swaddle baby to keep them calm and warm.
Pacifiers: A baby who wants to nurse consistently will need to soothe themselves.
Bouncy Seat: After your child is done eating, sitting them in a 45 degree angle is best.
White Noise Machine: The sound of a shushing sound brings babies to sleep instantly and can be a great thing to signal bedtimes.


A Bed: A newborn can sleep in a bassinet for the first four months, and then advances to a crib.
Bedding: Buy at least two sets of crib sheets in case another one gets dirty. Save any blankets for laying on floor for cleanliness, and out of crib as they pose risk for SIDS.


Nursing Pillow: These are a wonderful way to be comfortable and nurse at the same time.
Bibs (10): Bibs keep anything unwanted off of clothes and will save many outfits from getting washed.
Burp Clothes (12): This essential item should be in every room, and are a great way to protect clothes from spit-up.
Bottles: If you plan to feed baby formula, plan on ten 4- ounce bottles a day.


Diapers: Count on using at least 12 diapers a day during the first two weeks, then it usually drops to 10 a day.
Wipes: You’ll need these to clean baby’s dirty bottom.
Diaper Cream: A natural balm or diaper rash cream will protect your baby’s bottom.
Diaper Bag: Pick a bag that suits your personality. Many mothers opt for fun colored book bags, while some spend tons of money on their bag.


Travel Purposes
Front Pack or Sling: A newborn loves being close to their mom.
Stroller: For newborns, you’ll want to stick with a stroller that reclines flat, or allows the car seat to snap in.
Car Seat: The law requires children to remain in a rear-facing car seat until the baby weighs 20 pounds.

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