5 Nursery Essentials Every Mom Needs


A new mother will spend countless hours in the nursery where she will care for her new baby. From feeding at all hours of the night, to creating special memories between the two of you, the nursery is one room you can’t forget to make your own.


The Night-Light
A night light is a necessity to have in your baby’s room. This light will quickly become essential, as it will to keep your baby’s mood settled and melatonin down, just in case a midnight call from baby wakes you or your partner. By having a dim light, this will allow for you to wake when your baby wakes, but not completely wake them up for the night.  When choosing a light, lean towards a mellow glow rather than a glare of a bright bulb, that way your child will be able to distinguish between daytime and nighttime.

mom space

The Mom Zone
There will be many moments you and your child will create together, most of them being in the nursery. Feeding the new baby will come at all hours in a night, and during the daytime, so make sure it’s stocked with some of your favorites too. Have an area where healthy snacks are stocked, MP3 player is loaded, and bottles of water are waiting for you.

open baskets

Open Baskets
Most new mothers have dressers that are stocked with their babies essentials. Instead, use open baskets that are clearly marked so you can just reach inside and grab what you need. This is perfect for having a basket full of burp cloths, diapers, onesies, blankets, and swaddles.


A Journal
Having a new baby may cause you to find yourself sleep-deprived most of the day, its important to write down special moments and schedules. Keep note of when they ate, when they pooped last, and when they napped last. If everything is written down, you’ll know if something is off schedule. You can even record milestones when your child starts to “smile”, “coo”, and say “ma-ma.”

wall art

Wall Art
Providing colorful pictures on the wall is a perfect way to boost their developing vision and stimulate their precious mind. It’s as easy as hanging pictures on clothespins with removable adhesive strips. The clothespins provide an easy way to interchange different black and white pictures, shots of the family or art drawn by a sibling.

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