strange pregnancy facts

5 Of The Freakiest Facts About Pregnancies

strange pregnancy facts

Every year, science teaches us more and more about pregnancy. Sometimes, even changing things we once thought were true. Unfortunately, not everything about pregnancy is written in one book. You pick up things along the way and sometimes the information can surprise you, such as these 5 freaky facts about pregnancy.

  1. Guess the Books Are Wrong!

Castor oil, spicy food, sex, a bumpy car ride, I have heard plenty of supposed methods to induce labor. However, there is only one scientifically proven to induce labor – nipple stimulation.

  1. You Can Get Pregnant from Oral Sex.

For years I have always been told you could not get pregnant from oral sex. However, one of the most unlikely of stories made headlines in 2010, when a girl became pregnant after being stabbed in the abdomen after engaging in fellatio with her boyfriend.

  1. Keep a Spare Shirt Handy.

Whether or not it is their baby, during and after pregnancy, mothers can automatically begin to lactate. I never experienced this during my pregnancy, but I did have it occur during the first few months. The only thing you can really do is be prepared for it.

  1. You’ll Have a Heightened Sense of Smell.

Scientists theorize that a mother’s sense of smell increases to help prevent from eating certain foods that could be harmful to the baby. Each mother is different. For instance, I couldn’t stand being around raw meat or seafood during my pregnancy, while a friend of mine couldn’t stand the scent of cooked hamburger or coffee.

  1. Find a Way to Hold It!

Looking back at my pregnancy, I remember feeling like I had to pee every 10 minutes. However, unlike their pregnant mother, babies know how to hold it. Starting around week 21, the baby will begin making its first bowel movement (meconium). However, the first movement generally doesn’t take place until after the baby is born!


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