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5 Celebrity Moms Who Were Parents Before 25

Not all celebrities wait until they’re older to become parents. In fact, there are plenty of stars who had children young, sometimes even before they reached their success. These 5 stars prove you can be successful without sacrificing the ability to have a family of their own.

loretta lynn1. Loretta Lynn
The coal miner’s daughter had four children before she ever attempted to become the country music legend is today. Three were born by the time she was 19, and the fourth was born when she was 20.

aretha franklin

2. Aretha Franklin
The Queen of Soul became pregnant with her son Clarence at the age of 13. After Franklin gave birth at age 14, her sister and grandmother helped to raise him while she pursued her singing career.

naomi judd

3. Naomi Judd
Many people realize the singing sensation The Judds consists of mother/daughter duo: Naomi and Wynonna Judd. However, many are not aware the oldest daughter was born while Naomi was only 18 years old.

whoopi goldberg

4. Whoopi Goldberg
Not only did Whoopi become a mother at the age of 18, but also became a grandmother at 34 when her 16 year old daughter Alexandrea Martin gave birth to her granddaughter Amara Skye.

jami lynn spears

5. Jamie Lynn Spears
The younger sister of singer Brittany Spears made headlines when she announced her pregnancy at the age of 17. The news also led to her Nickelodeon series Zoey 101 being canceled.

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