School Preparation

4 Helpful Tips To Prepare For the School Year

School PreparationThe new school year is just around the corner. Parents have already started purchasing school supplies and other necessities to get their little ones through the school year; but don’t stop there. Prepare your child for their first day by utilizing these four helpful tips.

1. Cultivate Your Child’s Independence

Once your child is at school, they are responsible for doing a lot of things on their own. Help your child get ready by talking with them ahead of time. Go over the responsibilities that will be expected of them. Even young children have responsibilities, such as being able to put on their own shoes or going to the bathroom by themselves.

2. Re-Establish / Establish the School Year Schedule

A few weeks before the new school year begins, it is always best to have your child practice their school routine. This includes: getting up and dressed at the same time every morning, and eating their meals and/or any snacks at the same times they will eat once school begins.

3. Create a Work Station

Make homework a daily part of your child’s routine. Set up a time and place where homework and/or studying will be completed. If possible, try to make yourself as available as possible during this time frame.

4. Create a Game Plan for Sick Days

One of the hardest parts for working parents is getting a phone call stating your child’s sick and you can’t get away. Avoid this disaster by creating a sick day game plan. Whether you plan on lining up a trusted babysitter or working out a schedule with the other parent, make sure you’re primed for these unexpected days.

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