4 Essential Tips For Dating As A Single Parent

Single Mom

It’s not always easy to slide back into the singles dating scene, especially when you add single parent to the mix. Dating may have been hard before, but now you’re in a whole other ballgame.  You have to think about more than just yourself, you have to make sure the other person is fit to be around your children. It might be uncharted territory, but it isn’t the end of the world. Step outside your comfort zone and try these dating tips for single parents.

Be Prepared for Resistance

No child is overjoyed to hear their parent is starting to date someone new. Many may fantasize about you and their other parent getting back together or they may hate having to share you with someone else. Remember resistance is a natural reaction and each child will deal with it in their own way. Make sure to sit down with them and talk. Acknowledge their feelings and address any concerns.

Focus on Your Date

Many single parents tend to wrap their entire lives around their children. In fact, it’s understandable. However, make sure your children aren’t the only conversation topic during your date. Take some time to learn about your date. What do they do? Do they have any hobbies?

Don’t Introduce Your Kids to Every Single Date

No child wants to see multiple people come and go out of your life. Not only does it create an unstable environment for your children, but it also can be very confusing to younger children. Unless things begin to get serious, avoid introducing your children to any dates.

Take Your Time

Whether you’ve been on a few dates or are thinking of more long-term possibilities, give yourself time to get to know them. The first stage of a new relationship is like a breath of fresh air. This makes it very easy to try to move the relationship along. However, give it time. Let your kids adjust to the person and see how things naturally progress from there.


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