4 Easy Ways To Teach Your Kid About The Importance Of Volunteering


Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back. It helps to create a better community and shows how even one person can make a big difference. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find ways for your young child to give back. For some quick and easy ways to teach your child about volunteering, try one of these four approaches.


Honorary Grandparent

Take your child to the local nursing home or assisted living facility. There are plenty of elderly people who don’t receive regular visits from their own family. You can play cards, read a book, or just talk with them.


Write Mail to Soldiers

A great way to provide support to our troops overseas is to write letters, create pictures, or other fun forms of gratitude to our soldiers. For more information you can check out websites like: Soldiers’ Angels or Operation Gratitude.


Create Care Packages for Hospitalized Children

Coloring books, markers or crayons, playing cards, there are plenty of fun little items you can add to make a great care package. To make an even larger impact, have your child ask family, friends, or even have your child talk to their teacher to see if their class can get involved.


Go to the Local Animal Shelter

Volunteers are always welcome at animal shelters. You can walk or play with the animals. Plus it can help you teach your child the responsibilities associated with owning a pet.

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