strong willed child

3 Sneaky Responses For Your Strong-Willed Child

strong willed child

The strong- willed child undoubtedly has a gift. These children are often misunderstood and born into this world with an incredible spirit. These children typically have high intelligence and a strong sense of who they are at a young age. These children are often difficult to gain control over, due to their natural response of wanting to control every situation. This could lead a parent to become extremely frustrated not knowing how to discipline their child.

Parents of strong-willed children exercise many different types of discipline, finding out that none of them work. It’s important to understand that reverse psychology, when used the right way, is the perfect method of not battling with your child. Instead of using the same ol’ verbal combat (yelling at your child); try something better, and smarter. Instead of approaching your kids in attack mode, use calmness, respect and creativity to get exactly what you want.

Here are 3 sneaky responses for your strong-willed child:

toys left out

#1 The Situation: Your three year old pulls toys out of the toy box, then leaves to start another activity without cleaning up.
Sneaky Solution: For younger children, helping them clean up toys is always best because they learn by example. Stubborn children love to be challenged, so have a competition and see how many toys they can put away in a certain amount of time. Make sure you use encouraging words and tell them they’re doing a great job. 

boy refusing vegetables

#2 The Situation: You’ve spent two hours trying to prepare a delicious meal for you and your family. You serve your child their food, but they refuse all vegetables.
Sneaky Solution: Since picky eaters are waiting to fight you, so don’t even mention a word of the food you’re serving. Instead give them small portions of whatever you’re having for dinner, and discuss how their day was. 

child fashonista

#3 The Situation: The fashionista in your child comes out continually making it hard for her to choose something that’s not inappropriate or silly to you.
Sneaky Solution: Having way too many clothes is a problem for girls. Narrow down two choices of outfits in the evening before school that way it won’t be too hard for her to pick in the morning. Letting your child make the final decision is very important, and it’s important for clothing that’s inappropriate to be removed.

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