3 Reasons To Avoid Measles Parties

Measles Party

Online forums and news sources are buzzing over rumors of a San Francisco suburb having measles parties for their youngsters, prompting both health officials and parents to share their opinions on the topic. The entire premises for measles parties are to naturally infect an unvaccinated child with the disease so they can build their own immunity to the disease.

Risks Further Outbreak

Health officials warn parents, measles parties can actually worsen outbreaks and put their children at grave risk. Furthermore, you should never intentionally put your child into harm’s way. Remember, you never know how your child will react to an illness.

Serious Repercussions

Parents who expose their children to measles may or may not realize the serious repercussions they could be exposing their child to permanent hearing loss, pneumonia, SSPE, encephalitis, and/or death. According to the CDC, out of every 1,000 children who are infected with the measles disease, one to two children will die from it.

Science Squashes Vaccination Debate

Over the years vaccinations have been rumored to cause autism. However, science has proven these allegations to be false. Vaccinating your child does not cause autism, and science has proven to avoid these health advancements only causes negative consequences.

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