DIY: 3 Lovely Valentine’s Day Crafts

Along with Valentine’s Day, comes a wide array of fun craft ideas for parents to enjoy creating with their children. Arts and crafts can be fun, messy, and the perfect occasion to bond with your child. So grab your supplies and get creative with your kids with these 3 Valentine craft ideas.

The Bouquet of Love

The Bouquet of Love is a simple project requiring: 2-3 colors of acrylic paint (your choice), colored paper, glue, green marker, large piece of drawing paper, marker (your choice but make sure it will appear when written over the colored paper), paper plates, and scissors. For more step by step instructions, check out Toddler Approved.

Bouquet of Love

The Wreath of Love

The Wreath of Love is another simple project. For this project you will need: double-sided patterned paper in various designs (your choice, but make sure they coordinate with one another), mini glue dots (or another strong adhesive), ribbon (your choice, but make sure it coordinates with the paper), and scissors. For an oval shape, cut the pattern paper into twelve 2 x 11 inch strips; or you can cut out eight for a more rounded wreath. For more directions, go to The Hybrid Chick.

Wreath of Love

Valentine’s Monster Boxes

Valentine’s Monster Boxes are fun for children of all ages. You will need the following supplies for this project: cardboard egg carton, empty tissue box, foam hearts, googly eyes, hot glue, pipe cleaners, pompoms, spray paint (although you could use colored paper or other paint types), and white craft foam. To find out how to assemble this fun craft idea, go to Giggles Galore.

Valentines Monster Box

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