fourth of july

3 Budget Saving Ideas For The Fourth Of July

fourth of july

There’s nothing like spending the Fourth of July with family and friends, swimming, grilling outdoors, and watching the fireworks. Something about this day of celebrating makes people feel good, especially when your surrounding yourself with the ones you love. What about if you’re wanting to plan a fun-filled celebration, but you’re on a budget? Here are some good money saving strategies to think of this Fourth of July.

plan ahead

Plan Ahead
If you and your family are wanting to host the best Fourth of July extravaganza, you’ll first and foremost want to plan ahead. Don’t forget to use coupons on the things you may need. Scan grocery store ads near where you live two weeks in advance. If you spot things on sale even a month prior, just freeze it and thaw out the night before the big day. You can base your menu for the party around what’s currently on sale, and save tons of money.

outside the box

Think Outside The Box
Sometimes its not worth buying pre-made patriotic decorations for one day, and it might not be worth all the trouble. It’s best to use decorations that are repurposed like good items for decor. These ideas include hollowing-out bell peppers to hold different condiments, or even using a patriotic cake for a center piece. Bottom line, the best thing to do is use decorations that are edible.

fourth of july

Finding A Free Location
When it comes to throwing a Fourth of July party, you may want to have it anywhere but your own house. If your a clean freak, and worry your house will be a huge mess after everyone leaves, it might be best to scout a free location in the area. Choose a place where a huge group of people can meet for free, and you may be surprised where you find. The best places to pick for free could be a neighborhood pool, or even a friends house that has a pool. Another suggestion might be having a picnic in an area where fireworks are publicly displayed. Make it a potluck picnic, where you can assign everyone a different dish. This is a great option because it can be planned last minute, its low-key and there’s no clean up.

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